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Picture of Jakob Gudiksen What I do

Gudiksen Design is a design company with several areas of business.

The primary focus area is product design to larger brand name companies in the category ”Living”. The company sells the rights to the designs to the producing companies.

Furthermore, the company works as a consultant partner within 3D visualizations, graphic design and design of packaging for a large number of both large and small companies.

Gudiksen Design is a member of the esteemed Association of Danish Designers.

Who I am
Gudiksen Design was founded in the year of 2003 by my brother Karsten Gudiksen and I. In 2009 we went our separate way and I took the full ownership of the company. I am 31 years old and my competencies lies within graphic design and idea generation. I am an expert in ideas, 3D visualizations and have a well-developed sense of aesthetics. I have a background as a trained toolmaker. I have extensive experience in problem solving, product development and materials. My set of different skills has proven to be a great combination, because they can cover the entire process of designing a product.

The way I work
Even though Gudiksen Design is a small company, it can still participate in large assignments. The company has a large network of specialists, who are all experts in their own field. I do what I do best, and let my expert-friends do what they do best. When I work on a project I combine all of my qualities and I am very competent at creating the best ideas. Due to my experience and variety of skills, both the logical and creative part of the brain has been in use when creating these ideas. This means that even though creativity grows, professionalism and necessary structure remain. It is very important to me, that I can communicate with my customers and that we understand each other. So even though I get ideas out of this world, I still live on the same planet as my customers. That is a fact I never forget.

The design process
In my world, the design process is just a small part of a big project. I focus just as much on product development and marketing, as on the thing I normally call design. I feel that the strongest solution is found when focusing on the big picture, rather than a tiny bit.

My main focus areas
I focus on three main lines of business. Although they may seem very different, I find that they complement each other. Often they overlap when I work for my customers.

Product design:                                    
Industrial design
Exhibition design
Interior design

3D visualization:                                 
Presentations. Analogue or digital.
User instructions
Product development

Graphic design:
Web design
Packaging materials
Marketing material

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